Getting There

So, I’m like…totally on social media now!

No, but seriously, I have joined the ranks of having an official Facebook page and Twitter account for my writing. You can join the ranks here and here respectively.

The reason I have created these links to the outside world is because I am, in fact, very close to being done with my book.

So close…

Yet, I am so far.

Now, seeing as I am as close to finishing this project as I have ever been, I am beginning preparations to publish. The easiest way would be to self-publish, so I am examining that route. The journey has begun and soon I will begin deleting the chapters that are currently available on this blog.

Hey! Calm down! It’s okay, I promise. I will continue to post about what is going on with the progress of the publishing. Not to mention, you’ll have an actual BOOK to read instead of clicking all these links and scrolling and whatnot.

Now, there will be some time before the deleting will commence, but you have been warned far in advanced. Read, my pretties, and know that soon you will have the whole story of Warren and his nightmare.

Now, if any of you need me, I will be over here doing writing…things…


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