Two Announcements

So, as I’m sure you know, I didn’t quite make due on my promise to post a new chapter on my birthday. The wonderful woman in my life decided to throw a surprise party for me that I had no idea about (thus, a very successful surprise indeed with quite a lot of swearing on my part). Since then, I’ve been very busy with life in general whether it be work, looking for work, or avoiding work. Then, whenever I sat down to write, I mostly got nothing other than a few ideas here and there about things that will happen later in the book.

The frustration has been real.

All of that being said, I want to announce two very important things.

The first is that I have an ending.

That’s right. I know how this God-forsaken book is going to end. I was so excited when it hit me that I wanted to exact my rights as an American adult and have a glass of wine in celebration, but I have been informed that driving is not a good place to do that. Instead, I settled for crying to myself in pure joy after I parked and steadfastly ignoring the stares.


(There was a second announcement, and now I’m too stubborn to change the post to reflect the fact that I forgot. Please enjoy these relatively unrelated announcements instead of my original plan.)

I’m seriously considering self-publishing.

There’s a lot of stuff going on in politics right now, am I right?

My cat is healing up wonderfully from her spaying.

I thoroughly believe no one can “win” Monopoly. You just bankrupt people until they rage quit.

I’m getting new glasses that will make me feel even more at one with Hyde from That’s 70’s Show.

Sleep is a wonderful, necessary thing.

Betta fish are awesome to watch.

Life is expensive.

(I still can’t remember, so I’m going to assume that one of these announcements were relevant. If you need me, I’ll be over here typing and getting nowhere.)


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