Taking It Slow

Hi, everyone. So, I am still hard at work with editing and writing for this story. I am determined to keep this going at a steady pace because you (and Warren) deserve closure.

However, my head is a little jumbled thanks to some new medications my doctor has put me on. It’s a bit difficult to concentrate. (In a weird way, it’s giving me a bit of inspiration for another chapter…)

I promise that I will not go a year without posting another chapter, but it might be a little while before the next one goes up, considering it needs a lot of work and my brain is full of a cloudy haze while I’m adjusting.

I love you all for hanging in there with me. I feel like I have so much encouragement to see this through to the end, and it makes me incredibly happy that people care about this story even when I deserted it for so long.

I am making progress with the next chapter, but there is a lot of work to be done. I will post my next chapter as soon as humanly possible. For now, I am off to the editing corner to try and make sense of my gibberish.


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